Synchronised Lifestyle Modification-SLP 

SLP is a personalized, liver and biorhythms specific lifestyle modification program. SLP generates homeostasis for preventive and therapeutic health. Homeostasis is the key for reversal of a chronic degenerative disorder. 

Biorhythms are dependent on liver and for healthy liver we need harmony in biorhythms therefore both are interdependent. SLP uses nutrient dense, plant based, high calorie natural foods in satisfying portions to create a harmony. Click for More

We offer following facilities for patients and visitors at Integrative Holistic Care Centre


SLP Pre-disease Laboratory

It is a Pre-disease and an early stage disease assessing Scan which reveals about 40 tests. Read More…

SLP Food Pharmacy-icon

SLP Food Pharmacy

The health store at Integrated Holistic Care Centre is the only one of its kind in a medical setup.Read More


Education (PCLM)

I have started the Holistic Health Awareness Movement HHAM in 2002, to spread awareness about Read More…


Detox sessions for better health

We are swimming in an ocean of chemicals which affect the functions of liver, kidney and lungs. Read More…


Personalised Eye sight improvement

Single session Personalized Eye sight improvement workshop based on principles of Bates method. Read More…


Integrative Therapies at Clinic

SLP Protocol for cancer management/Hepatitis C, SLP Immunity boost for acute. Read More…


Yoga coaching / Breathing exercises

Personalized single session yoga coaching / Breathing exercises. Read More…

food plan


SLP Personalized food plans are therapeutic and based on fourteen scientific priciples. Read More…


Mind / Sleep inducing therapies

Mind relaxing / Sleep inducing therapies for Hyperactive mind and poor quality sleep disorders. Read More…


What is SLP

About Book "Living as Nature Intended"

“Living as Nature Intended” is the sum of over 23 years of medical practice and independent observational research. It guides anyone who is interested in their personal preventive and curative health. It will be relevant to every human being out there that eats. It will provide dietary guidance for infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults and the elderly. The most encouraging sign of modern times is our concern for what we eat.
This is evident from the hundreds of books, news paper articles, websites and blogs on food. Progressive research is opening our eyes to the miracles of food every day. I believe it to be an astronomical breakthrough in defining our eating habits and revealing the secrets of a healthy life simply based on what we eat. What people will find even more intriguing is that I will shatter common beliefs and take them in a completely new direction. This book is also going to help medical doctors by creating a bridge between conventional medicine and holistic therapies. Supported by researches and case studies, a medical doctor will easily be able to adopt the rules of lifestyle modification for their patient’s well being.

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