• What is SLP?
    Synchronised Lifestyle

    Modification Program

    8-Rules of Correct Eating.
    Induction of Sound Night Sleep.
    Personal Stress Management.
    Individualised Physical Activity / Correct Exercise.
    Integrative Therapies Especially Laughter Therapy.
  • Celebrate 20th March as
    UN international day of Happiness
    With Dr.Shagufta Feroz
    Celebrate 20th March as UN international day of happiness with
    DR.Shagufta Feroz
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    you must exercise
  • Change your life.
    Get fit for life.
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    I was compelled to write this blog article because of this teenager Rafay Omar’s below mentioned face book post.

    “why cant this be in pakistan !!!???. I just moved here and have already had so much stress and anxiety. i know this will open in 2020 but still this is a great thing to do for students who want to have fun in school. I have already been given 4 homework assignm

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    Haj is one of the five components of Islam and is a 5- days process of give and take between Allah swt and His human creation. Haj is to show Muslim unity, submission to Allah’s Will, and tolerance. It also causes strange detachment from personal, professional and social life. A pilgrim automatically becomes numb for his loved ones for the sake of love for Allah. All global pilgrims conne

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    If you are a dedicated, sensitive, passionate and caring medical professional then you are vulnerable to suffer from a chronic degenerative disease, can commit suicide or become a founder or leader of a humanitarian movement. A passionate honest doctor consumes energies faster than a money oriented, numb and non humane fellow professional. After a long tiring transforming professional journey o

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    If you live life with open eyes and ears, you observe so many interesting phenomena happening around you. Being a curious and a keen observer, I am learning all the time from people around and my patients. My medical training has helped sharpen my in-born observational nature, but training in holistic sciences since 2004, further widened my scope of learning about the holistic aspects of human

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    Every year dengue is posing serious threats to people globally. Last dengue episode was quite tragic and forced the Pakistan community to be watchful to the coming season of this monster epidemic. Last year my experience on few hundred patients taught me that dengue is not a disease of mosquito, virus and man but it is a disease of unhealthy lifestyle. All these who suffered from dengue have fe


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Facilities We Offer

  • SLP Personalized Food Plans
    SLP Personalized Food Plans
    SLP Personalized food plans are therapeutic and based on fourteen scientific priciples.
  • SLP PRE-Disease Laboratory
    SLP PRE-Disease Laboratory
    The objective of this laboratory is to give an idea about an upcoming disease, pre-disease or sub-health.
  • Detox Sessions for Better Health
    Detox Sessions for Better Health
    We are swimming in an ocean of chemicals which affect the functions of liver, kidney and lungs.
  • Mind Relaxing / Sleep Inducing Therapies
    Mind Relaxing / Sleep Inducing Therapies
    Mind relaxing / Sleep inducing therapies for Hyperactive mind and poor quality sleep disorders.
  • SLP Foods Pharmacy
    SLP Foods Pharmacy
    The health store at Integrative Holistic Care Centre is the only one of its kind in a medical setup.
  • Yoga Coaching / Breathing Exercises
    Yoga Coaching / Breathing Exercises
    Proper breathing exercises and yoga is directly concerned with a person’s health and relaxation.
  • Eyesight Improvement Workshop
    Eyesight Improvement Workshop
    Single session Personalized Eye sight improvement workshop based on principles of Bates method.
  • Integrative Cancer / Liver Clinic
    Integrative Cancer / Liver Clinic
    This facility is for managing advanced cancer and hepatitis patients by SLP Protocol.

SLP Diet Modification Plans

  • SLP Adult Food Plan
    SLP Adult Food Plan
    People who are already following SLP can modify their plans by selecting foods from this plan but after 2-3 months of following the personalized plan given by Dr. Shagufta Feroz.
  • SLP Pregnancy Food Plan
    SLP Pregnancy Food Plan
    A pregnant female has to be very careful about what she eats. In our culture she is guided by the elders of the family regarding her food intake, which is partially correct.
  • SLP Child Food Plan
    SLP Child Food Plan
    This food plan is applicable for the age of three to eight years. If you have followed a healthy pre-conception, and pregnancy plan, your child must be healthy and free from frequent attacks of infections at this stage.
  • SLP Toddler Food Plan
    SLP Toddler Food Plan
    A young mother with a toddler is misdirected by media, friends and grandparents. Everybody wanted to show their love and affection by sharing their experience of bringing up children.
  • SLP Student Food Plan
    SLP Student Food Plan
    The objective of this plan for students is to improve their mental abilities by focusing on memory, concentration, and physical energy. This plan will improve or maintain eyesight as well.
  • SLP Diet For Dengue
    SLP Diet For Dengue
    Dengue virus is very fatal fever, it falls in the category of very chronicle diseases. Patients suffering from dengue should be diagnosed on time, otherwise any delay in the treatment may lose the life of the patient.
  • SLP Ramadan Food Plan
    SLP Ramadan Food Plan
    People suffer from few specific ailments especially after the month of Ramadan, which are stomach problems, general weakness, bloating, palpitation, insomnia and weight gain etc.
  • 7 Days Crash Diet Plan
    7 Days Crash Diet Plan
    There are different diet plans for crash dieting. Let’s get you familiar with 7-day diet plan. It is the best crash diet plan of 7 days for you to lose weight in few days.
  • Side Effects of Crash Dieting
    Side Effects of Crash Dieting
    Crash diet is a way to lose weight in very short time span, it will give you rapid results. With the help of crash dieting you will be able to lose weight in less time.

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