8 Rules of Diet Correction


Diet correction stands for eating natural foods correctly. When you follow below mentioned 8-rules of diet correction, your body goes into a healing mode.  The  objective is to harmonize your personal food routine with the internal biological rhythms and repair liver. When we eat natural foods correctly only then they become body compatible,  absorb optimum, and work holistically.  Here are the SLP  8- Diet Correction rules:


Avoid all processed or un-natural foods, bran products, transfats rich foods, skim milk, white flour based foods  and genetically modified foods. Focus on natural foods ( living foods). Start with raw butter, desi ghee, whole grains, raw sugar, desi or free range eggs/chicken and whole milk.


Listen to your body while selecting  natural foods for your meals.


This rule is based on Acupuncture philosophy of circulation of Chi and the rhythm of a human 24-hours body clock located in brain.  The most important meals are breakfast and dinner, and we have to be very careful regarding their timings. Breakfast should be taken as early as possible after waking up and breakfast time scale is 5 a.m. to  9 a.m. If an early breakfast is not possible then a pre-breakfast of foods rich in antioxidants like dates, figs, nuts, raisins, prunes or honey water should be taken within 10 minutes of waking up. Adrenal glands and the Liver are the important organs which are activated within the first few minutes of waking up, and they need quick boosting from small portions of foods. Then from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. body’s intellectual or mental functions are dominant, so avoid heavy lunch and replace it with small portions of various snacks.. From 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. the body is again in digestive mode so dinner should be eaten during this time. The Liver is rejuvenated or repaired every night between 1 a.m. – 3 a.m. and therefore do not eat any thing during this time.


Decide your food portion on your own and listen to your body.If you correct your food timings, your hunger centre will be activated to control your food intake. Don’t indulge yourself into calorie counting, let higher bodies take decisions for your well being.


Correct food combinations are essentially required for the control of insulin/leptin levels, tissue/blood ph, blood/lymph circulation and body temperature. Simple and complex carbohydrates cannot be mixed. Simple carbohydrates are digested within half an hour whereas complex carbohydrates take three and a half hours to digest. Therefore all fruits, desserts, juices or soft drinks should be taken either half an hour before the meal or three and half hours after the meals. This precaution will save you from repeated reactive hypoglycemic shocks,  hormonal imbalance, cardiac problem, obesity, chronic indigestion and other serious degenerative disorders like cancers. Another important combination is of combining various food groups, i.e. acidic, alkaline and neutral foods. Try to combine fruits, and nuts from three chemical food groups to keep the blood ph close to neutral, which is essential for normal function of the liver and biorhythms. Milk, or coffee is one hour before or three to three and half hours after major meals.


Avoid repetition of foods, because after few days, excess of one food starts accumulating toxic metabolites in our system. The healing value of food starts decreasing and due to ph shift side effects start increasing.


Temperature of foods and liquids taken is extremely important. You cannot combine warm meals and chilled drinks at the same meal. It puts extra load on your stomach and liver because food needs to be close to body temperature before digestion.


Correct water intake is very essential. Before excretion water goes through a complex water metabolism and hence should be taken with care. Avoid cold or chilled water, it impairs cardiovascular circulation. Approximately 16-20  glasses of water in winters and 20-30 glasses of water should be taken in summers. Water should be taken half an hour before or one and half hours after a meal.